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The cut is usually a little bit flared. That’s why the culture of this country has the features of Islamic Turkish world and a distinctive Slavic world. The fabric is black, dark red or dark blue. They are used by both men and women.

Bulgarian folk dress. A mix of Ottoman and Slavic garments and clothing traditions

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I just wanted to ask from which culture do Slavs Cuf Clothing from? Lusatian culture? Przeworsk culture? Or Slavic Clothing else? Entire people can’t just like that pop up out of thin air in 6th century? Archeologists and historians still argue about that question.

The interesting question to me is: which culture brought the language that unified the people? Aug 26 – Slavic Clothing notes Anonymous asked: Hi, I am curious if you have found Slavic Clothing reports of cowrie shells used by Wesit Slavs in medieval times or even other cultures earlier on? I get hints of European cowries being used and traded, but I haven’t found report specifically up north Poland until the 18th century. Any info is greatly appreciated!

A quick google search pointed me to earlier discoveries Lusatian culture, neolithic cultures but yielded nothing from the early medieval times.

Slavic Clothing – Regional clothing differences

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The plain-colored woolen, hempen or linen saya is white, black, green or blue, worn with plain or colorful apron. Photographer: Pakko. The ethnic composition of the Przeworsk culture 2nd century BC to 4th century AD , associated with the Lugii of central and southern Poland, northern Slovakia and Ukraine, including the Zarubintsy culture 2nd century BC to 2nd century AD and connected with the Bastarnae tribe and the Oksywie culture are other candidates.

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