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Nikodemos of the Holy Mountain and St. Some will remain Rassophores permanently without going on to the higher degrees. He is also given a brimless hat with a veil, known as a klobuk , and a leather belt is fastened around his waist.

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Becoming a Buddhist monk requires daily meditation and a conscious effort to change how the mind works. When you live in an abbey, much of your day will be spent in meditation. This takes Cuf Clothing. Buddhism incorporates different kinds of meditation, including meditation that focuses on breathing, meditation that focuses on transformation and meditation on the Lamrim.

Mediation can also include certain postures. Start with five minutes of meditation two times a day. When you become comfortable with five minutes, increase your meditation time by a few minutes every day until you can meditate for 15 minutes two times a day.

Some monks meditate for hours at a time. Becoming a Buddhist monk requires you to follow the Vinaya, a code of conduct, which stipulates that Buddhist monks and nuns do not work a normal everyday job to support themselves.

In some cases the abbey you join will provide for your basic necessities, but in other cases you’ll need to have enough saved to support yourself. You’ll be provided with clothing, sundries, and other items you need to stay Cuf Clothing from day to day.

However, electronic devices, expensive clothes or shoes, and anything that could be considered a luxury item is not allowed. Monks are not allowed to possess items that could inspire emotions like greed, envy or possessiveness. Once you join a monastery, your Monk Clothing will be devoted to your Buddhist community. Your days will Cuf Clothing spent in service of others, and your focus will be on those who need your help.

Before pursuing ordination, you may want to discuss this with your family and let them know what is to come. Some monasteries don’t accept candidates who are married or have other strong relationship ties. Monks do Monk Clothing engage in sexual behavior of any kind.

In some cases male and female monks or nuns are not allowed to communicate with one another about matters that aren’t related to everyday business. It is wise to practice chastity before becoming ordained so that you can find out whether you’re suited to a chaste life. The idea is that the energy you’d normally put into sex is directed to matters greater than the self.

In some traditions, ordination is meant to be a lifelong commitment. However, there are other traditions in which it’s perfectly fine to Cuf Clothing ordination for a limited number of months or years. In Tibet, for example, many men complete two or three-month Cuf Clothing to develop their spiritual identities before eventually getting married or pursuing careers. Make sure the monastery you’re interested in joining offers the level of commitment you want.

If you’re not sure, it’s possible to do a two or three-month ordination, then pursue a longer-term ordination later.

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